The 8 Ball: Wakana Hase of palmehuset

Dec 08 2021 Filed in: Jaimie FitzgeraldThe 8 Ball

After quitting their jobs at a printing company, Wakana Hase and Hisanori Takai traveled to Copenhagen to discover a glass greenhouse known as the Palmehuset in Danish. The greenhouse is about 150 years old and served as inspiration for the two to start their business, palmehuset.

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Small Business Saturday

Nov 27 2021 Filed in: From Tina

Relocating a business during an unprecedented world wide pandemic may have sounded like a crazy idea to many (I definitely had my apprehensions). But I can say without doubt that it was one of the best decisions we’ve made. Our new home of Newton Highlands has embraced us with open arms and an overwhelming sense of exuberance, for which we are so grateful. So in celebration of Small Business Saturday, we’d like to highlight some of the amazing local businesses who are now our neighbors and friends. Welcome to Newton Highlands!
x Tina

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Gifting: Tina's List

Nov 20 2021 Filed in:

‘Tis the season! And with that, my wishlist is starting to grow. Here are just a few of my favorite things.

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Gail Samuelson: Passing Through

Nov 13 2021 Filed in: ArtJaimie Fitzgerald

“I’m interested in the way light and color blends an interior with an exterior, and how I [can] bring them together to produce a harmonious union of inside and out.”

Today we are chatting with New England based photographer (and friend of Covet + Lou), Gail Samuelson. Gail is currently taking part in an exhibition, Passage, where she is showing work from her diptych series, Passing Through. The exhibition is at the beautiful Cassilhaus in Chapel Hill, North Carolina running until December 31, 2021. The Cassilhaus is a home-based artist residency and exhibition program designed by architect Ellen Cassily, and her husband Frank Konhaus.

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The 8 Ball: Nikki Bostwick of The Fullest

Oct 29 2021 Filed in: ApothecaryThe 8 Ball

Discover the power of saffron with us. Nikki Bostwick is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Fullest. The Fullest encompasses a daily digital platform, a podcast and a botanical product line we are happy to have at Covet + Lou. Nikki has always been passionate about providing wellness content that offers a perspective outside the mainstream narrative — one that is holistic, diverse, and inclusive. She is also a mom of two, nestled in Newport Beach with her high school sweetheart and their Siberian Husky. Read on to learn more about saffron and the woman behind this mood-boosting and holistically sourced line we cannot get enough of.

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Paula Delgado of Ound

Oct 25 2021 Filed in:

“Care for the earth, Care for the people, Share the surplus and be aware of limits.” The ethos of permaculture according to Ound designer, Paula Delgado.
Read on for the details.

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Mina Stone's Cacio e Pepe-Inspired Kale Salad

Sep 22 2021 Filed in: Mina StonePantryRecipes

Mina Stone shares her version of a decadent pasta, in salad form. It has the flavor components of a cacio e pepe, set against the backdrop of a hearty forest of green kale. The kale stands up to the challenge, pro- viding a healthy vehicle for the tangy salty cheese, crunchy hazelnuts, and spicy black pepper.

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The 8 Ball: Mina Stone

Sep 22 2021 Filed in: Jaimie FitzgeraldMina StoneThe 8 Ball

Food brings us together. That is the theme pulsing throughout Mina Stone’s latest cookbook Lemon, Love and Olive Oil. We are thrilled to share our conversation with Mina about her latest food experiences, what’s kept in her pantry and of course her new cookbook. Mina shares a recipe from her latest work with us too- a Cacio e Pepe inspired kale salad. This conversation is nourishing in more ways than one.

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The 8 Ball: Stella Ishii

Sep 15 2021 Filed in: Jaimie FitzgeraldThe 8 Ball

NYC based Stella Ishii is an icon in the fashion world. 6397 is effortless, a bit boyish, understated and cool. We think that Stella exudes these characteristics as well. Meet the woman behind the The News showroom and one of our go-to lines at Covet + Lou.

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The 8 Ball: Anna Santangelo

Aug 23 2021 Filed in: Jaimie FitzgeraldThe 8 Ball

Meet Anna of Santangelo. Jewelry for the last bits of Summer and beyond.

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