The 8 Ball: Mary Chan of Bartleby Objects

Jul 29 2021 Filed in:

Bartleby Objects is a multi-disciplinary design studio, making objects of use for the home and individual that make daily life a little sweeter and a little easier. Each piece is made by hand in New York City by designer Mary Chan. Today we talk with Mary about the start of Bartleby Objects, how she decides what makes it into a...

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Fresh Summer Glow with Manasi7

Jul 19 2021 Filed in: Apothecary

We were thrilled when Manasi7 Founder Susanne Manasi Persson reached out to create a Summer makeup look for us.

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The 8 Ball: Samantha Hoff

Jul 11 2021 Filed in:

Samantha Hoff knows a thing or two about working with your hands. Samantha is the founder of Pottery with a Purpose. Rooted locally in Massachusetts, PWAP offers eco-conscious DIY home pottery kits born from a deep desire to tame anxiety and promote community well-being. Samantha aims to show how therapeutic and accessible pottery can be. Working with your hands gets you out of your head and requires presence- something we think is important to move towards for everyone these days. Meet Samantha and check out one of new favorite local small businesses doing something really great.

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Suzanne Shade of Bare Hands

Jul 06 2021 Filed in:

We have the pleasure and privilege of trying a lot of beauty and health products at Covet + Lou and we know a great one when we see it. The Dry Gloss Manicure Kit from Bare Hands is one of those. Today we talk natural, healthy nails with Bare Hands founder Suzanne Shade.

Bare Hands is changing the way we think about our nails.

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Iced Leaves of Grass by Leaves and Flowers

Jun 17 2021 Filed in: Leaves and FlowersPantryRecipes

An iced tea from Leaves and Flowers to sip on this Summer using their Botanical Infusion, Leaves of Grass.

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Juneteenth, 2021

Jun 16 2021 Filed in:

As Chair of the Needham Human Rights Committee, Tina has been spearheading a month long virtual Countdown To Juneteenth, 2021. She has compiled a few ways you can learn more about Black American history and commemorate this pivotal holiday of independence.

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The 8 Ball: Olivier Grasset of Dr. Collectors

May 22 2021 Filed in: The 8 Ball

Boiled down, Dr. Collectors is a small family owned business creating and doing what they love all while honoring family.

Today we talk with Olivier Grasset and get to know the man behind the brand in this rapid fire style interview.

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Covet + Lou x Retail For The Rest Of Us Podcast

May 19 2021 Filed in:

Tina Burgos in conversation with Janine Mulone on Retail For The Rest Of Us Podcast. Listen here for the interview.

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The 8 Ball: Eva Masaki Soroken

May 17 2021 Filed in: The 8 Ball

Eva Masaki Soroken created her line of sunglasses knowing that she wanted timeless, classic shapes with a somewhat playful, edgy spin. Eva talks to us about her brand's ethos and the inspiration she gets from connections with friends and artists across the globe.

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Spring Clean

May 15 2021 Filed in: Jaimie Fitzgerald

As we Spring clean and give our homes a refresh and reset, we are highlighting the ceramics we love to fill our spaces with from our favorite female BIPOC creators.

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