The 8 Ball: Juliette Harkness of Deiji Studios

May 01 2021 Filed in:

Oatmeal, lilac, gingham, and blush. Walnut, olive, and mushroom. These are the soft colors that make up Deiji Studio’s easy going and chic Spring. Deiji Studios was founded in 2016 by Juliette Harkness and Emma Nelson with a vision to deliver high comfort linen bedding and loungewear. Deiji blends morning into night and sleepwear into daywear. Today we talk with Juliette about how she likes to transition her Deiji. She loves the 03 Set to throw over swimwear and the 01 Set paired with heels for a night out. Come feel effortless and comfortable with us in our Deiji.

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Wooden Spoon Herbs Sparkling Apple Spritz

Apr 20 2021 Filed in: RecipesWooden Spoon Herbs

Happy Spring! While the April blossoms are at their peak, we wanted to create something tart, sweet, and a little spicy to get us prepared for the changing of the seasons. A drink that will lift your spirits and support your digestion as the weather begins to warm. Enter the Sparkling Apple Spritz, starring Wooden Spoon Herbs Fire Cider, Rose-Colored Glasses and Mushroom Magic tinctures. This tonic is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up, and an ideal companion for a midday stroll as you take in the local flora, enlivened by the promise of sunny days ahead.

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At Home: Meredith Baird of Nucifera

Apr 15 2021 Filed in: At HomeJaimie FitzgeraldRecipes

At Home is about self-care. We're asking some of our favorite people what's keeping them well.

Meredith Baird is the Founder and CEO of Nucifera. She inspires us to beauty simply.

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The 8 Ball: Kelsy Parkhouse of Carleen

Mar 29 2021 Filed in: Jaimie FitzgeraldThe 8 Ball

Carleen and quilting go hand in hand. We chat with designer Kelsy Parkhouse about life changes during quarantine, her favorite textile artists and of course how American quilting has remained Carleen’s primary inspiration from day one.

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The 8 Ball: Ellen Van Dusen

Mar 20 2021 Filed in: Jaimie FitzgeraldThe 8 Ball

Let’s talk about stripes. Dusen Dusen’s towels and bathrobes are instant mood boosters with color-ways like Tulip Stripe and Dahlia Stripe. Sometimes we all need a little color to keep us motivated. Ellen Van Dusen has us covered.

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The 8 Ball: José Luis Bartolomé and Albert Escribano

Mar 13 2021 Filed in: Jaimie FitzgeraldThe 8 Ball

Evocative of a Mediterranean beach holiday. A patchwork of Summer memories. The individual hand of an artisan. Traditions reimagined. Nostalgia. Meet HEREU.

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Ina Seifart

Feb 08 2021 Filed in: Jaimie Fitzgerald

The 8 Ball: Lauren Leja

Jan 23 2021 Filed in:

Lauren Leja is a writer, photographer, artist, snapshot collector and rescuer of the forgotten. She spoke with us about her latest work, STORYWEAR, and looking forward to pizza on Revere Beach in the new year.

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The 8 Ball: Sarah Nsikak, La Réunion

Jan 02 2021 Filed in: Jaimie FitzgeraldThe 8 Ball

Sarah’s goal with La Réunion has always been to share Africa-inspired artwork with sustainability at the forefront. The capsule of Patchwork Dresses made by Sarah for Covet + Lou were created at a time when the coronavirus hit especially hard in New York City. Sarah asked herself, “what can I make that will make me feel good in a time where that seems impossible?”

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The 8 Ball: Dina Nur Satti

Dec 28 2020 Filed in: Jaimie FitzgeraldThe 8 Ball

Dina Satti is interested in how art can be a conduit for communal healing and transcendence. Her own art, consisting of ceramic work, is deeply inspired by her upbringing- her cultures and heritage. Dina is originally from Sudan and Somalia, raised in France and Kenya, and now Brooklyn-based. Her ceramic work, from the Zir Vessel to the Baobab Bowl, are based in history and symbols drawing inspiration from plants and the traditional shapes from Africa. Join us in welcoming Nur Ceramics to Covet + Lou.

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