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introducing: Autumn Sonata at Covet + Lou

Autumn Sonata Founder Lilli Elias

Autumn Sonata, based between Europe and the United States, brings a new lens to archival and historic objects. Founder Lilli Elias and her team work as archivists and designers, uncovering heirlooms tucked into forgotten corners and re-contextualizing them into new elegant forms.

Founded in 2022, Autumn Sonata is the meeting point between Elias’ background as an archivist and her lifelong fascination with antique prints and textiles. Her unique approach considers the history of craft traditions, invoking the past to secure the look and longevity of modern utilitarian goods into the future. Other inspirations include travels to antique markets, decorative arts and film history—particularly Ingmar Bergman, for whom the brand was named.

Elias began her career as an archival intern at fashion brand The Row before embarking on building her own antique textile collection. She has a degree in Music History from New York University and a Masters in Archival Studies from Universiteit van Amsterdam. Image of Lilli Elias by Yeray Sabandar.

Autumn Sonata Agnes

In reference to Southern Italian tile technique and a direct nod to the simplicity of the Mediterranean. Marine blue details stand out against a refined oat background.

From Autumn Sonata: Agnes is inspired by the work of Italian artisans in the 15th and 16th century, who used a tin-glaze technique known as maiolica. Introduced to Italy via Spain, Italian potters specializing in maiolica soon established themselves as experts in their craft, enlisting brilliant colors like green, purple, cobalt blue, orange, and yellow to depict patterns and scenes of increasingly intricate detail.

Shop the Agnes collection: Agnes Hand Towel; Agnes Bath Sheet; Agnes Bath Mat.


Autumn Sonata Helena

Navy and tile stripes intersperse with ecru lines to create balance and beauty. The bold stripe is reminiscent of 1920s beach umbrellas.

From Autumn Sonata: The word umbrella is borrowed from the Italian ombrella, which is a modified translation of the Latin umbella, by way of umbra, meaning shade. Thus, the truth about the umbrella’s origin story is that it had nothing to do with rain. Instead, the umbrella appears in depictions of societies like ancient Egypt, where it was used to shade pharaohs from the hot sun.

It was not until the umbrella became a more compact, more affordable item that its usage became widespread. By the 1920s – which, you’ll recall, is where we might locate Helena – the umbrella was everywhere. And on the beach, the stripe reigned.

Shop the Helena collection: Helena Hand Towel; Helena Pool Towel.

Autumn Sonata Alma

Midnight and cream checkered design inspired by traditional Katazome stencil practices (Japanese stencil printing).

From Autumn Sonata: The Alma Bath Towel’s fully reversible Katazome-inspired print embraces the the unpredictable rhythm of daily use — maintaining appeal whatever the fold or drape.

Shop the Alma collection: Alma Hand Towel; Alma Bath Sheet; Alma Bath Mat.

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