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Covet + Lou is an artfully curated collection of over 50 independent brands in women’s clothing, accessories and home goods — quality, sustainable, hand-selected pieces that are as unique as you. After a career ranging from Louis Boston to Stel’s on Newbury Street (which I co-owned), I wanted to create a collection of well-crafted articles from thoughtful brands for customers who want to invest in quality, not quantity — and who care about looking good and doing good by supporting small independent brands.

Sometimes I think the name Covet + Lou doesn’t make any sense. Lou is my mom, who is a genuine style icon — always perfectly put together with timeless, tailored style. And covet… well, I covet things, don’t you? I covet beautiful clothes and beautiful objects for my home. And I wanted to be able to find those things in ways that create community. So in a way, Covet + Lou makes perfect sense for what my storefront and online shop are all about — desire, but also heart and soul. I always want you to leave Covet + Lou looking good and feeling good.

We’re not for everybody and that’s okay. But for those who can and want to invest in special pieces, we offer a timeless collection that is sourced mainly from brands owned by women. Our clients see us as a private closet — a very big private closet — and my staff and I are those trusted friends pointing out the pieces that you just have to try. Because they have such a great origin story. And because they’ll make you look and feel amazing.

This year at Covet + Lou, we’re celebrating our 10 year anniversary. My journey as a small business owner has had many ups and downs, but I’m so proud that we’ve become a store so many customers rely on for the relationships we foster and our aesthetic. And we look forward to many, many more years helping bring unique, quality, small independent brands to your home and your wardrobe.