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The 8 Ball: Alyssa Wasko of Donni

Alyssa Wasko

A short and sweet conversation with Alyssa Wasko, founder of DONNI. DONNI. is available exclusively in our Newton Highlands shop. Give us a ring or shoot us an email and we can help find you exactly what you need. Off the top of our heads? DONNI.'s Rib Kick Flare and Pointelle are must-haves.

Today DONNI. spans across categories like sweaters, bottoms, jewelry and dresses, but you started with a single scarf. What did the first scarf look like?

Oh my! Was such a long time ago. It was an oversized plaid bandana with raw fringe edges. Had little good luck charms sewn on the corners. 

In our understanding, this first scarf, a simple yet meaningful piece, became the beginning of you + DONNI.'s story. Reflecting on DONNI.'s beginning today, what are your thoughts?

Disbelief??? It’s hard to wrap my head around where we started and where we are now. DONNI. and I grew up together! From age 19-34, and hopefully many more. Through all the stages of life, we kind of got each other through. The good times and the bad. I am so proud of how far we’ve come and the brand we are today.  

How did you make the transition to clothing? Was there a moment when the timing just felt right? 

It was an accident. We used to style our scarves as tops, dresses, skirts. One day I wanted to do something simple but that didn’t require so much wrapping, tying etc…A few months later we had a RTW collection! 

Before DONNI., you were at Chanel, is that right? What do you appreciate about that time in your life? 

Yes, with a few years of overlap. I will always cherish my time there, I learned so much. I was always raised to work hard, but this taught me about dedication, integrity, and a different kind of work ethic. I am very grateful I had the opportunity to start my professional career there.

Alyssa in DONNI.

Did you always know that you wanted to be in fashion?

Big yes! Think the question mark was what I’d end up doing in the industry.

Top of mind at DONNI. is comfort. How do you keep comfort a priority in your day to day in terms of what you’re wearing, your physical environment, or even what you’re consuming?

It comes naturally. I generally gravitate towards comfort in all capacities. I follow my gut and if something doesn’t feel good, bye!

Every single piece from DONNI. is made in Los Angeles. Was it important to you to stay local from the beginning?

It took us a few years and a lot of mistakes to land in LA. A local LA factory took a chance on us in the beginning. They were the only factory willing to work with us and waved minimums as we couldn’t meet them. LA believed in us and we will always return the favor! 

A DONNI. look that you keep putting on- what are you wearing these days? 

Have been living in our pointelle, baby rib, and new sweaters! Usually topped off with a vintage suede jacket of some kind.