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Tea with Kendall + Karina of Flowerhead Tea

Karina and Kendall of Flowerhead Tea

Tea time with Flowerhead Tea Founders, Kendall and Karina.

When are you drinking your tea these days?

Karina: I always have a cup when I get home in the early evening. I put my PJs on, and put the kettle on.

Kendall: I'm a night time tea drinker. But recently I've been sparking up the electric kettle at work for a midday pick-me-up.

The best way to enjoy tea? With a friend, with a slice of cake, alone? In a specific ceramic or teapot?

Karina: I'd have to say all of the above. I LOVE chatting with a friend, spilling the tea and snacking on a sweet treat.

Kendall: I love busting out my big blue enamel tea pot Karina gave me last year. I also love pouring tea shots for my friends at dinner parties.

Do you gravitate towards a certain blend in Winter vs Summer?

Karina: I love the ritual of making our chai in the winter. But I also love a jug of iced Deep Steep in the fridge in the summer.

Kendall: I'm a big iced chai girlie in the summer. And I have been obsessed with our Cali Gold in the winter. I like mine with steamed oat milk and date syrup.

Flowerhead Tea

Someone you'd like to have tea with?

Karina: For an outside tea date, it would be my crush, Paul Mescal. But to be real, Princess Diana.

Kendall: This is hard!! Dead or alive? Real or fictional? I feel like I have a lot of people running through my mind!!! Stephen King? Snoop Dogg? Gandalf?! Captain Jean Luc Picard (Tea, Earl Grey, Hot)!!

Please share a tea recipe with us!

Flowerhead Tea Chai how-to!