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The 8 Ball: Emily L'Ami

The 8 Ball: Emily L'Ami

Photograph by Megan Cullen.

BODHA: There is something special about Bodha. All of their products are designed with a single purpose in mind- to help you come back to yourself through the power of scent. In this chat with one of the founders, Emily L’Ami, we discuss her recent trip to Japan’s incense island and her recently released Vibration Collection which consists of three beautiful natural perfume oils. We’re now inspired to make Bodha’s Eye Pillows part of our daily routine.

Can you describe what you do at Bodha?

At Bodha we’re creating a whole new world of therapeutic perfumery. Traditionally, perfumery has had little regard for ingredients or their effect on your body, while aromatherapy formulas often lack structure or refinement. We’re bringing the best of these two worlds together to create scents that smell beautiful and work on you at a deep level. All of our products are designed with a single purpose in mind – to help you come back to yourself through the power of scent.

You recently released The Vibration Collection of three beautiful natural perfume oils. Tell us about the collection

With the Vibration collection, we wanted to create therapeutic perfumes that really support and expand whatever energy you need in your life. In Vibration Nº1 Earth, we’ve built on the grounding energy of fragrant roots, barks and mosses to help you nurture a foundation of peace and intuition. In Vibration Nº2 Plants, we’ve enhanced the vibrant energy of crushed leaves, stems & rinds to inspire creativity & fresh thinking. And in Vibration Nº3 Air, we’ve expanded on the luminous energy of golden resins and spring blossoms to connect you to your limitless joy.

When you wear them you’re absorbing the energy of the ingredients, which are all derived from nature and alive, versus synthetics, which are derived from petroleum and inert. Fragrance is the leading cause of skin inflammation, so if you care about what you put in your body, understanding what goes into your favorite scent is just as important.

What’s in your beauty cabinet? Are there any products you swear by?

Years ago I went for a facial with a Maori healer (I’m originally from New Zealand) who told me ‘treat your skin as if it were a fine silk’. I really keep this in mind and only use very gentle natural products. I also think learning to soften and relax your facial muscles is super important, especially with all our phone squinting, which is why I use our Aromatherapy Eye-Pillow regularly. I swear by a daily mist of pure rose hydrosol, a weekly Activist Manuka face-mask & regular Epsom salt baths with a few drops of our Calm Ritual Oil.

Can you tell us about your recent trip to Japan?

We recently spent time on Japan’s incense island where the tradition, level of craftsmanship and reverence for the art of incense is unparalleled. Centuries ago the emperor of Japan decreed this ‘the incense island’, and today over 80% of Japanese incense continue to be made here. Because of the way the wind hits the island it has the perfect conditions for drying incense and many factories continue to use a system of wooden slatted walls to manage the process. The craft of incense making has been passed down amongst generations of families on the island & we met some makers still going in their 90’s!

Your favorite fall scent at the moment

In fall I like to transition to scents that are grounding, warming and nourishing to help balance out the season’s dry, windy and erratic nature. I burn our Smokeless Ritual Incense in Ground as part of my morning ritual and use Vibration Nº1 Earth over my pulse points during the day.

How did your Eye-Pillows come to be? When do you find yourself using yours?

The idea for the Aromatherapy Eye-Pillows came from many years of yoga practice. I found using an eye-pillow during savasana really deepened my experience so I wanted to make a beautiful scented version that people could use for any kind of ritual. The weight of the pillow helps soften and relax all the tiny muscles around your eyes that get strained with daily screen use, and the calming scent of lavender and chamomile helps your nervous system move into parasympathetic mode. I use mine during meditation and my weekly face-mask (you can take the slip off and wash it if it gets it dirty). The rest of the time I keep it under my regular pillow, which gently scents it, so as soon as I climb into bed my subconscious knows it’s relaxation time.

How does the power of scent allow us to come back to ourselves? How do you come back to yourself?

Nurturing a connection with yourself is the most fundamental thing you can do to be happy. We all have a clear and wise inner voice but it gets lost amongst the noise and distraction of daily life. Our senses are our way into connection and of all our senses smell is the most powerful, with the ability to instantly shift your subconscious. Scent is an important part of the experience of being alive that we’ve really lost touch with. We’re sensory beings and the more we connect with that the more we connect with the deepest parts of ourselves.

Your favorite meal or drink for wellness

Green tea and homemade bone broth. I’ve always been fascinated by tea because it’s so aromatic and you can really smell and taste where and how it’s grown. I collect Japanese and Indian tea canisters to store my different leaves and always make a pot as part of my morning ritual. Homemade bone broth I’ve only gotten into recently because I got an instant pot, which makes it so easy. Once you make a batch you’ve got this great base for a simple soup or a stew.