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The 8 Ball: Ally Draizin

Ally Draizin | Heart of Gold

Behind Heart of Gold is Ally Draizin, an esthetician, herbalist, and massage therapist. Draizin makes each product by hand. She believes that in order to make real changes in our skin, we need to look closely at our lives as a whole. Heart of Gold products feel good, smell good, and work beautifully.

What is Heart of Gold and what do you do there?

Heart of Gold is a plant focused, intuitively guided skin care line. Right now I'm straining a frankincense, gotu kola & gromwell infused meadowfoam oil, earlier today I was doing some packaging design, and before that I was planting rose bushes and night blooming tobacco. That's your average Thursday.

We love that you believe in looking at our lives as a whole in order to make real, lasting change in our skin. Can you explain what you mean by this?

Are you sitting at a desk all day? Your skin is probably dull and congested. Focus on lymphatic support like dry brushing & rebounding, as lymph is stimulated by movement. Are you super stressed all the time? Your skin probably heals slowly and is either breaking out, pigmented, or inflamed. Focus on finding healthy ways to mitigate stress, like meditation, journaling, and spending time in nature. These are a few examples, but the list goes on and on. Generally speaking, what's showing up on your skin is a reflection of your emotional and physical patterns. When you zoom out and see your health from a holistic perspective, you'll be better able to support your skin.

What changes or steps do you recommend we take to better our relationship with our skin?

Cultivate a mindset of gratitude and wonder, skin is incredible in so many ways. Bring love into your self care rituals, and carve out time every day to honor your skin and your body. Think of ways to be kind to yourself. Esthetician pro tip- wear a non-nano zinc oxide SPF daily, drink plenty of water, and prioritize quality sleep.

Please tell us about making each of your products by hand. What does this look like?

There's the usual pouring, measuring, weighing, sanitizing, testing, etc. There's also time spent outdoors grounding and communing with my plant friends, gathering and processing plant medicine, infusing oils, making plant extracts, singing mantras, and infusing all the products with reiki energy.

How has your experience as an esthetician shaped Heart of Gold?

The main thing 22 years as an esthetician has taught me is discernment. I do not stop at good. I know what exceptional looks/feels/smells like, and that influences my creative process. I also prioritize efficacy. Products can and should do what they say they'll do.

Can you break down your Flying Dreams Oilserum for us? We are loving it as a daily moisturizer.

I start by slow-infusing comfrey, yarrow, lavender, matcha, and plantain into super silky, efa-rich shiso seed oil, then harmonize with some brightening milk thistle oil, nutrient-dense carrot seed oil, and calming olive squalane. It's a beautiful healing, calming, brightening oil for all skin types.

Are there any ingredients you find yourself constantly drawn to?

I am hopelessly in love with plants. All of them are so special in their own way. Today the parma violets in my front yard bloomed and I made a flower essence with them. Today I'm feeling very grateful for, and awed by, parma violets.

How do you use Heart of Gold in your day-to-day?

In the morning I cleanse with Astral Traveler Cleansing Fluid, tone with Star Keeper Mineral Toner, and I mix Oxford Comma Antioxidant Serum with Outer Sanctum Day Serum as my daytime protective potion/moisturizer. At night I cleanse with a hot compress, tone with Star Keeper, and moisturize with either Moon River Renewal Balm or Ghost Nebula Oilserum depending on my mood.