Rachel Antonoff

Mar 04 2018 Filed in: Designer SpotlightKassio Santos

Why now? This is the question we asked ourselves when bringing in Rachel Antonoff, an indie designer who for so long has been thriving in the fashion industry. The answer is simple: this spring season Antonoff has outdone herself with pieces that showcase her vision for what today’s woman should wear, including a bright color palette, feminine silhouettes and attention to the details....

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Hello Mr. Hoffman: Brother Vellies

Apr 21 2016 Filed in: Designer SpotlightHello Mr. Hoffman

Behind the buzz, the TV show, and the plaudits from Anna Wintour Brother Vellies’ Aurora James is just a cool chick making socially responsible, design forward shoes. Designed in New York and manufactured by small communities of artisans in South Africa, Kenya, and Morocco – Brother Vellies is more about creating a product that champions community and sustainability rather than creating the next ‘it’...

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Apr 12 2016 Filed in: Designer Spotlight

“The idea came about from having been fed up with fast fashion. I wanted to influence the industry by having a successful business and only using certified fair trade organic cotton – a business with a true point of difference. I want to show all business owners that it is possible to run a profitable business in an ethical manner.”...

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Introducing: Micaela Greg

Oct 07 2015 Filed in: Designer SpotlightNew Arrivals

Designer Spotlight: Shaina Mote

Feb 09 2015 Filed in: Designer Spotlight

At the age of 25, designer Shaina Mote has already mastered the art of bold minimalism. She has created a line that is ageless; with pieces that feel just as at home on the downtown chic, 20 something set as they do the sophisticated ladies of uptown. Her latest collection is sleek, transformable, and full of long lasting staples. Pieces...

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Designer Spotlight: Objects Without Meaning

Sep 27 2014 Filed in: Designer SpotlightInspiration

With fans like Kim Gordon and Miranda July, does it get much better than Objects Without Meaning? The line isn't flashy or glam: just understated and very, very cool. Objects is a line about being your organic self. It is the antithesis of trying to hard. This no muss, no fuss attitude is on display in the video below featuring...

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Designer Spotlight: Giejo

Jan 21 2014 Filed in: Designer Spotlight

Swimsuits, as everybody knows, are a bitch. Too big around the chest, too tiny in the butt, is the lighting terrible in here or do you look like a linebacker for real? If you find one that fits well, chances are it’s boring—functional, maybe, but hardly fashionable. No offense, Speedo, but some of us want a little more. Gabby Sabharwal...

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Designer Spotlight: Upstate

Oct 23 2013 Filed in: Designer Spotlight

It’s tempting to thank American hippies, psychedelic rock, and Rit Dye, god bless it, for bringing us the magnificence of tie dye, but the Japanese were in on the act way before the Dead got a hold of it. The Japanese textile art of shibori dates back to the 8th century, when artists began dyeing cloth using several methods that...

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Designer Spotlight: Gabriela Artigas

Oct 02 2013 Filed in: Designer Spotlight

Ten years ago, Gabriela Artigas fell into jewelry by happy accident. Then 20 and a student in textile design in Mexico City, she’d fashioned, by request, a necklace for her mom to wear to a wedding. It was both casual and a little “wild,” she remembers, and yet the contrasts worked: During a family trip to Los Angeles, Gabriela and...

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