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Skincare with LESSE Founder Neada Deters

LESSE Founder Neada Deters

Skin health and more from Neada Deters, Founder of LESSE, a small and effective line of skincare essentials.

How has LESSE changed your skin?

I always had incredibly sensitive, highly reactive, acne-prone skin in the past. I was always struggling with breakouts, hyperpigmentation, and textural issues. LESSE has transformed my skin. It's now consistently clear, healthy and balanced. I no longer experience breakouts or inflammation, dark spots and scarring has faded to reveal even tone, and my skin feels naturally buoyant and bright day after day.

What is your skincare philosophy?

I have a few that underpin my personal and professional skin care philosophy, but the two I come back to are always 'less is more' and 'ritual, not routine'. I also believe firmly in being uncompromising when it comes to ingredients, formulations, and efficacy.

Your desert island skincare pick?

The Ritual Serum. It was the only product we launched with, and to this day it remains my number one skin care essential. It's packed full of essential vitamins and powerful antioxidants to repair and strengthen the skin barrier, brighten skin, boost natural collagen production, hydrate on a deeper level, and decongest skin to prevent acne. It is also incredibly anti-inflammatory and soothing with organic turmeric, jojoba, rosehip, calendula, and more.

Can we talk about acne? We like that LESSE addresses blemishes, dark spots, and inflammation. What have you personally noticed makes a difference or positive impact when it comes to acne?

It's essential to care for your skin both above and below the surface. If you are acne-prone, ensure that you are using anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory products daily; to eradicate bacteria buildup and spread, and to prevent or reduce acne swelling and redness. For below the surface, look to skin care essentials that are overflowing with antioxidants and naturally occurring vitamins; to really deal with your skin concerns on a cellular level—and ensure these essentials come in the form of a face mask or serum, with smaller molecules that penetrate deeper.

This is why our Bioactive Mask contains notable amounts of organic flame tree, which is a botanical active, flavonoid, and contains naturally occurring vitamin C in a far safer and more powerful form than what your skin might experience from widely used synthetic vitamin Cs. In the form of a mask, these ingredients are sitting on your skin longer, with no products layered underneath, and are able to take greater effect in transforming skin.

What do you wish more people knew about skin health?

Not everything advertised by the beauty industry is true. An example of that is the craze around 12-step skin care routines. When you're applying and removing so many products, you're often counteracting the benefits of some with others—and layering so many products can deplete the skin barrier and make skin more reactive and prone to breakouts. That's a huge part of what has informed our 'less is more' philosophy: using less is, without a doubt, better for your skin. You should only be using the essentials that work in support of natural skin function.

Are you wearing makeup these days? Do you have any favorite beauty must-haves?

I adore Kjaer Weis and use their mascara most days. When I need a little coverage for under the eyes, I'll apply ILIA concealer.

Tell us about your A.M. or P.M. ritual.


I wake up and rinse my face with cool water to awaken my skin, followed by a generous amount of the Regeneration Mist to rehydrate and calm. Then I apply about three drops of the Ritual Serum, pressing into skin and then finishing off with a few minutes of Gua Sha. I allow the serum to fully absorb—a minute or so—before applying a mineral SPF, curling my lashes, combing out my brows and hair, and finishing with lip balm.


I drink a lot of water before bed to deeply hydrate before a night's sleep. I wash my face with the Refining Cleanser and rinse with cool water. Then a few spritzes of the Regeneration Mist, followed by about four or five drops of the Ritual Serum. If it's dry weather, I'll finish off with a layer of lightweight moisturizer, lip balm, then bed.

What are you looking forward to, personally or for LESSE?

We have a new, incredibly sustainable essential launching in June. I can say it is a slight departure from other products, but something you use morning and night—and throughout the day. For those who want to know what it is, you'll just have to wait and see!