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The 8 Ball: Laura Xiao

Laura Xiao | Henné Organics | Covet + Lou

HENNÉ ORGANICS: Laura Xiao glows. We started the new year by talking with the Henné Organics CEO & Founder about the skincare items she swears by, the one Henné item everyone should have in their routine, and the inspiration behind her latest release, a luxury hand cream.

Henné Organics is Swedish inspired and American made. Can you break this down for us?

Almost every aspect of Henné is inspired by the beautiful country that I consider my second home. I’ve been fortunate enough to live in Sweden and still visit regularly, mainly to visit my Swedish in-laws with my husband.

From the name of our brand (Henné = her in Swedish) to the Scandinavian branding/design to our star ingredients (lingonberry, arctic cloudberry, sea buckthorn), Henné pays homage to Swedish culture and the beauty of Swedish nature. In Sweden, minimalism and high quality and functional design are simply a part of life, and adopting these elements have really enriched my life.

Your skin glows! What does your routine look like right now?

Thank you so much! I drink lots of water (super important), make sure to exfoliate my face and (and lips) regularly (but not too often so as to damage the skin), and I love using face oils daily.

Are there any beauty/skincare items that you swear by?

Outside of our Henné line, I love May Lindstrom’s Blue Cocoon; the smell is intoxicating, and I especially love rubbing some on my chest before bed so I can drift to sleep with the scent gently lingering in bed. Josh Rosebrook’s Vital Balm is also great.

The best beauty/wellness tip(s) you can pass along?

Appreciate the little things. This quote from the movie Vanilla Sky sums it up well: “The little things…there’s nothing bigger, is there?”

We’re so excited to be carrying Henné’s Luxury Hand Cream at Covet + Lou! Obviously, this is a break from all of your lip care items. Can you share the inspiration for creating a hand cream?

I’m so excited that Covet + Lou is carrying our luxury hand creams!  I feel that by launching hand creams as our first non-lip products, we’re coming full-circle in a way. When we first launched the Luxury Lip Balm in 2015, my goal was to take an ordinary essential and make it extraordinary. The same can be said for our hand creams. They are an essential for an often overlooked area in body care, and hand creams are usually not associated with luxury. I made sure that our hand creams were just as luxurious as they were effective.

I hope that when customers try the hand creams, it adds many more small daily moments of bliss, just like I hope our lip care products do as well.

The one Henné product everyone should have in their routine? 

The Lip Mask. It’s seriously a game-changer. Once you try it, you’re going to wonder where it’s been all your life. 

Can you give us a peek into what your day-to-day looks like?

I wake up around 6:30am, spend a few minutes in bed cuddling with the hubby, and then I get my workout in. After that, I take a quick shower, have breakfast, and then head to the Henné HQ and arrive at 9:30am.

The rest of the day varies. I try to tackle the most important tasks in the beginning of the day when I have the most energy.

I have lunch around 1pm, and then work after until approx 5:30pm. Then the hubby and I head home and have dinner. I usually work for about an hour after dinner, and then we both try to unwind for about an hour before bed. At around 9:30am, I read for 5-10 minutes before bed, followed by a few minutes of meditation.

What’s next for Henné? Anything you can share with us?

We have a few Henné launches this fall! Stay tuned for more info ;)