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Raina Lee Maple Matcha Latte

Raina Lee Maple Matcha Latte

Raina Lee shares her recipe for a Maple Matcha Latte. The perfect cold weather drink to enjoy from her tea bowls.


1½ teaspoon matcha

¼ cup hot water

3/4 cup warmed milk, dairy or non-dairy milk of your choice such as oat, almond, or hemp

1-2 teaspoons of Maple syrup, honey, or sweetener of choice.


Add 1½ teaspoon of matcha to a matcha or other wide bottom bowl. If using a matcha scooper, add 3 generous scoops. Also add maple syrup.

Boil water to 185 degrees if you have an variable temperature water kettle. Matcha needs to be brewed at 180-190 degrees. If you don’t have an instead read thermometer or variable temperature water kettle, you can boil water and then pour it into a separate cup, which lowers the temperature about 10 degrees. Then pour the water into the bowl with the matcha mixture.

Using a matcha whisk, regular small whisk or fork, whisk matcha until all the lumps are gone. Vigorously in short quick strokes whisk in a circular motion and then a “W” zig-zag until the top layer gets frothy. The more matcha powder you use, the easier it is to get a froth.

Heat up your choice of milk of your choice in a microwave, stovetop or heated milk frother. If you don’t have a milk frother, can also froth with French press.

Pour the frothed milk into the bowl with the matcha. Add additional water or sweetener to taste.


Look for ceremonial quality matcha and not baking grade. Latte matcha doesn’t have to be the most expensive but try to get a decent mid-range matcha that isn’t bitter when you drink it alone.

Depending on the strength and quality of your matcha, you may want to add more if you prefer a stronger flavor since it will get toned down by the milk.

Adding more matcha to hot water will create a better froth. If you’re not getting a froth add more!

To get the best froth on a non-dairy milk, look for “barista blend” milks. I like Califa Farms Oat Barista Blend and Oatly. Some non-dairy milks won’t froth no matter how vigorous you froth!