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Oil and Water

Clean Beauty Face Mist | Beauty Mystic | Covet + Lou
Holistic Beauty | Beauty Mystic | Covet + Lou

Oil and water. We know that they don’t mix, but did you know they are your skin’s two main constituents? It may have crossed your mind before, perhaps if your skin has ever felt like an oil slick in the middle of the day, or if you can’t help but noticing your face is feeling dehydrated.

When your skin is dry, it lacks oil. When it’s dehydrated, it lacks water. We naturally produce oil, but we don’t produce water. Our skin needs water, however. But water on its own isn’t enough--we need oil to lock in that water.

Think of the grade school science demonstration of oil and water in a beaker. The oil sits on top of the water, preventing evaporation. Evaporation is what happens to the water in your skin if you do not seal it in with an oil. This leads to dehydration, or flaky, rough-feeling skin.

You may drink eight glasses of water a day but your skin can still be dehydrated. Our bodies are made of about 60% water though, so it takes time for that water intake to be reflected in glowing skin. Improper product use, environmental exposure, and lifestyle can all contribute to (or detract from) your skin’s hydration level. Keep up the water drinking, but consider adding products to restore a healthy balance.

Clean Beauty Face Mist | Beauty Mystic | Covet + Lou

Face mists are a quick way to jolt your skin with hydration, but as I mentioned above, water alone isn’t going to cut it. Spraying your face with simply water can actually lead to dehydration via evaporation. Water in a can just isn’t enough (sorry, moms around the world). A face mist that’s made up of water AND oil though? That’s the good stuff. Not only will your skin benefit from the hydration of the water, but the moisture from the oil will help it hang around and go to work for your skin.

Join me at Covet + Lou on Saturday, April 7th to make your own custom face mist, tailored to meet you skin’s needs using only organic and wildcrafted ingredients. If you have skincare or beauty questions in the meantime, send them over -