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EVENT : Marjorie and Marie

EVENT : Marjorie and Marie

Meet the two local creatives behind Covet and Lou's November 21st Holiday Shopping Event.

Marie Anthony is a Boston-based artist working in oil paint, printmaking, and mixed media. Currently, Anthony resides in Newton and maintains her art studio in Boston’s SoWa Arts and Design District. Her work can be viewed at

Marjorie Randell-Silver is Owner and Creative Director of Copper Leaf Productions, where she has fostered an innovative approach to event design and production for over 27 years. Now Boston area based, but with a national profile, she has been involved in the arts her whole life.

Marjorie and Marie, can you both please tell us how you got started in your respective careers?

MRS: Event design was always a parallel career path for me while I pursued my professional classical music performance career as a flutist. I was always interested, curious and drawn to design. Although ensconced in my music career I could not drag myself away from the study of fine art, theatre and dance--- all essential to my life and my career.

MA: I started painting at age nineteen, but didn’t take the leap to become a full-time artist until middle age when I made a dramatic shift: I entered The School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts MFA program in 2014, and completed my coursework in 2016...I haven’t looked back!

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

MA: I view my practice as a space of complete freedom and endless possibilities.

MRS: Creative freedom! Experiential design. The variety and excitement of working with creative, innovative people. The frisson of having to work under budget constraints yet pulling off a creative coup d’état by repurposing something ready for the waste bin or something common and/or in great quantity and not considered usable because it was seemingly mundane and yet making it live another day (or many years) as a work of art or an event experience. That is true sustainability and extremely close to my heart! Playing with color/light and sound/music, food/smell/taste/texture. Engaging all of the senses. Making “another sales meeting” an immersive, interactive experience. Someone leaving one of my events and saying they will never forget it.

Marjorie, what do you love about Marie’s work?

MRS: Her fearless use of color, which I adore! Her palettes are amazing. Her passion, persistence of vision, and endless devotion to the development of her art. The deeply humanistic, engaged feeling of Marie’s work, which, even at its most abstract, is accessible and very, very collectible. There is, in some of her work, a throwback, midcentury modern vibe, which really speaks to me. You really want to live with her work.

What or who is keeping you inspired these days?

MA: Inspiration is everywhere - and it strikes without warning! In the past, I’ve been inspired by cakes, stacks of books, collections of ceramic and glass objects, or specimens plucked from nature - pods, berries, twigs and vines. Other artists inspire and amaze me on a regular basis!

MRS: Where do I start? My first cup of coffee in the morning. I am always inspired by the endless creative genius of my scientist husband, Eric Silver. My children and daughter-in-law are all performing and fine artists and I am amazed, inspired and humbled by their abilities and grace. I am equally inspired and thrilled by the dance and musical brilliance of the divine, Mark Morris. I feel grateful to continue to work with him and his wonderful cultural enterprise. My gal pals are a constant source of inspiration, love and support. I am often stopped in my tracks by looking down at the sidewalk and seeing a pattern or color, a blade of grass or weed popping up or just some weird cracks in the concrete. Any and all books made by Dutch artist Irma Boom. The wonderful, often bizarre, Luncheon Magazine. Textiles from around the world---old and new in all colors, patterns and condition---bring ‘em on! Binge-watching something I thought I could never like. Music from around the world. Watching someone taste a new food. There is so much to take in everywhere!

Marie, please tell us about the pieces you have at Covet + Lou.

MA: Covet + Lou showcases innovative design chosen with a curator’s eye. I view it as a gallery where one can find art in the form of clothing, ceramics, jewelry, home accessories, and more. I’ll be showing a variety of colorful and bold abstract oil paintings chosen to complement the stunning assortment in your store.

You both have great style. What are your top picks from Covet + Lou right now?

MA: There are so many treasures. I find the work of Monohanako to be soothing and beautiful. The graceful forms of the Almond Bowl, The Spouted Oval Bowl, and Chakra Plate grabbed my attention immediately - and the colors! Names like Butter, Blue Jeans, Peppermint, and Snow reinforce the sensual nature of the work.

Ida James’ Twisted Giza Ring and Scosha’s Open Cuff with Opals strike me as both simple and special.... a great combination. Kowtow’s Long Sleeve Kaolin Dress in Evergreen, and Flare Hem Dress in Poppy are total eye candy, and utterly feminine. I could go on....and on!

MRS: There is always a Rachel Comey piece or two I feel I can’t live without, eventually. No.6 clogs ---forget about it, I’m hooked! What really is floating my boat are the Monohanako ceramics in the store now. They are fabulous! I have skyr and blueberries every day in one of her amazing fluted bowls of pale blue (named blue jean!) with an impossibly narrow base. Needless to say, I have already stocked up on a few more of her wonderful pieces for the holidays. I can’t get enough of the vintage Japanese “distressed” textiles, which I use as scarves, throws and table coverings.


Thursday, November 21st, 5-8 PM

Get design inspiration from Marjorie Randell-Silver and peruse the paintings of Marie Anthony.

Event only discount on purchases and complimentary gift wrapping.

Hope to see you there!