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Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Cake, Simple Fare — Spring Summer

Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Cake, Simple Fare — Spring Summer

ILĀ founder Karen Mordechai shares the recipe for her Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Cake.



ILĀ Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Warm, fruity and nutty. ILĀ's cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from a 100-year old mill situated among the ancient groves of Andalusia, where olives are hand-picked and pressed on the same day to ensure the utmost flavor and freshness. The cold, bright winters and hot, dry summers of the Southern Spanish region of Cordoba create prime conditions for producing olives of exceptional quality and a richer, smoother olive oil with a more golden hue than its Italian counterpart.

ILĀ Pure Vanilla Extract

Sweet, woody and deep. Native to Mexico, and reliant on the Mexican mountain bee for a natural pollination, ILĀ's cold pressed extract is derived from vanilla orchids that mature slowly — insuring a deep, fragrant flavor. Darker and richer than Madagascar and Tahitian vanilla, with a robust and intoxicating taste.

ILĀ Sonoma Sea Salt

Soft, pure and crisp. ILĀ Sonoma Sea Salt is naturally harvested through solar evaporation from the clean waters of the Pacific Ocean. Crisp, pure, and mellow in taste, the small crystals are free of additives.