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Ace & Jig Spring 2020 Preview

Spring 2020 | Ace & Jig | Covet + Lou

Idyllic oceanside bohemia. Inspired by a trip to Byron Bay, Ace & Jig's Spring collection evokes the Australian city's rolling hills, sandy beaches and vibrant sunsets.

Covet + Lou is excited to be offering the collection with a selection of inclusive sizing, noted on our style list below.


Benji Jumpsuit in Melbourne $325

Bo Skirt in Copper $246   XL

Bo Skirt in Melbourne $246   XL

Capella Jacket in Atlantis and Sail $310

Capella Jacket in Neptune and Copper $310

Claude Top in Copper $230

Cleo Dress in Neptune $280   XL, 1X, 2X

Dockside Top in Jasper $195

Gatsby Pant in Atlantis $270

Gelato Top in Copper and Neptune $220   XL

Noah Dress in Avalon $246   XL

Noah Dress in Copper $246   XL

Olive Shift in Atlantis and Sail $238   XL, 1X, 2X

Polly Pant in Jasper $268

Spencer Dress in Avalon $285

Winnie Top in Avalon $242   XL

Wendy Short in Melbourne $218


Bo Skirt in Brunswick $246

Capella Jacket in Matchstick and Sand $310

Claude Top in Charleston $230

Cleo Dress in Citrus $280   XL

Cleo Dress in Sorbet $280   XL, 1X

Dockside Top in Umber $195

Gelato Top in Cantaloupe $220

Gelato Top in Citrus and Sorbet $220

Leelee Dress in Banjo $398   XL, 1X

Leelee Dress in Fitzroy $398

Mason Shell in Banjo $180

Mason Shell in Citrus and Sorbet $180

Olive Shift in Banjo $238   XL, 1X, 2X

Olive Shift in Matchstick and Sand $238

Spencer Dress in Matchstick $285

Wendy Short in Brunswick $218

Wendy Short in Umber $218

Winnie Top in Fitzroy $242   XL, 1X


Eliza Top in Chartreuse $228

Eliza Top in Sedona $228

Evan Dress in Concert $370

Iris Dress in Chartreuse $445

Lyle Jumpsuit in Sedona $360   XL

Muscle Tank in Concert $145

Ollie Tee in Dulce $220   XL

Ollie Tee in Piano $220   XL

Penny Dress in Dulce $238   XL, 1X, 2X

Sadie Skirt in Dulce $250   XL, 1X

Sadie Skirt in Piano $250   XL

Stroll Pant in Chartreuse $265

Stroll Pant in Palm $265

Tate Dress in Chartreuse $268

Tate Dress in Piano $268

Tate Dress in Sedona $268


Aaron Jumper in Daquiri $345

Muscle Tank in Chalk $145

Muscle Tank in Watermelon $145

Ollie Tee in Daquiri $220   XL

Ollie Tee in Melody $220   XL

Penny Dress in Chalk $238

Tate Dress in Chalk $268   XL, 1X

Tate Dress in Melody $268

Willa Dress in Watermelon $365

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