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The 8 Ball: Juliette Harkness of Deiji Studios

The 8 Ball: Juliette Harkness of Deiji Studios

Oatmeal, lilac, gingham, and blush. Walnut, olive, and mushroom. These are the soft colors that make up Deiji Studio’s easy going and chic Spring. Deiji Studios was founded in 2016 by Juliette Harkness and Emma Nelson with a vision to deliver high comfort linen bedding and loungewear. Deiji blends morning into night and sleepwear into daywear. Today we talk with Juliette about how she likes to transition her Deiji. She loves the 03 Set to throw over swimwear and the 01 Set paired with heels for a night out. Come feel effortless and comfortable with us in our Deiji.

The story behind Deiji Studios?

We launched Deiji 4 years ago. We wanted to create a product that you could wear from bed to out whilst still looking chic. Loungewear for sleep, beach, or dinner with friends.

How do you like to transition Deiji from morning into night?

For the warmer weather the 03 set is a great throw over for swim, then dressed up with the shearling slides, an oversized knit and tote for a casual dinner out.

In the cooler weather the 01 set is my go to for around the home, then paired back with heels and some red lippy for the night out.

Your morning routine?

Very rushed haha. We have a busy life with 3 kids, so it’s usually a bit of chaos in the morning getting everyone ready for the day. A quick cup of decaf coffee (I’m no good on the real stuff). Whilst the weather is warm, a quick swim in the ocean before work does me good.

Your evening routine or how you like to wind down?

I love a peppermint tea and a good book in bed. I love reading. It gives me the most restful sleep.

Something you like to do for yourself when you are in need of extra comfort?

Getting a moment to myself is really rare these days. Having a quiet hour or two by myself at the beach swimming in the ocean and reading a book is my favourite, it’s a good way to reset.

A comforting meal or beverage you turn to?

Chicken soup and earl grey tea (obviously not at the same time ha).

The inspiration behind the shearling slides?

Inspired by a Korean room shoe and a vintage slipper, we wanted to create something you could wear in your lounge room and then out into the world.

The lounge piece you find yourself in most often?

The 01 set in oatmeal is my favourite, it’s my comfort go-to when hosting dinner parties.