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Spring Clean

Nur Ceramics | Covet + Lou

As we Spring clean and give our homes a refresh and reset, we are highlighting the ceramics we love to fill our spaces with from our favorite female BIPOC creators.

MQuan Studio

Hailing from Vancouver, Michele came to NYC to study graphic design and photography at Parsons School of Design. Her forms are built by hand, wheel thrown, or slip cast in stoneware or porcelain. Her beeswax candle brings an element of warmth to any space. After burning, we recommend holding onto the Rainbow Rings vessel for future use. Keep it as a standalone object on display or use it to hold flowers or really anything you’d like.

Dina Nur Satti

Dina Nur Satti’s ceramics are inspired by her Sudanese-Somali upbringing. Dina sees her ceramics as a form of personal healing and also as a homage to the cultures she comes from. We are coveting the Lotus Vessel, a white satin glazed vessel inspired by the blue lotus flower.

Minh Singer

Mystical souvenirs. Minh Singer adds a blissful touch to any home. Hand-formed and luminously glazed magic. Sometimes Minh makes the mini pots with her eyes closed so that they feel special to hold. Mystical indeed.

Raina Lee

Tucked away in her treehouse studio in Los Angeles is the inspiring Raina Lee. The ceramic we can’t get enough of from Raina is her Lilac Brûlée Tea Bowl in which we are still sipping the Maple Matcha Latte Raina shared with us a while back.


A blend of mid-century modern and Japanese minimalism results in pretty, functional pieces. Monohanako divides her time between studios in Japan and Maine, embracing the best seasons in each place. Fresh seafood and rice in Japan and fresh vegetables in Maine. We are more than happy to have Monohanako’s pottery, specifically her rice bowl, as a part of our everyday life when it comes to food.

Virginia Sin

Porcelain plates that look like pizza by the slice paper plates. These are a conversation starter we like to pull out when the timing is right. Virginia of SIN makes feel goods for your home and these are most definitely included.