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At Home: Mother's Day Round Up

At Home: Mother's Day Round Up

We asked some of our favorite mom friends and designers how they are managing self-care. Their responses were irreverent, relatable, and worth a share.

Special thanks to Katie Aselton for starting us off.


Living Libations

"Self-care in this time, and really wonderful anytime, is in the beauty of engaging with the elements, lots of sunning in spring's benevolent rays, cold dips in the lake and warm baths with frankincense, feet on the earth and fresh air flowing through my hair always revives my being."


7115 by Szeki

"After a long workday or workweek, I sit down with my family and do a puzzle. We pick a new one to do each week and it's nice just to zone out with them while doing this."


Claire Gerard


"I’ve been watching old movies I missed the first time around. Broadcast News, Dead Poets Society, Fatal Attraction.... and contributing to the jigsaw puzzle shortage”


Olio E Osso

"A day of self care for me is making sure my community is being taken care of and by bringing people together with food. I am only as good as my community when everyone is well fed, heard and taken care of it brings me joy."


MQuan Studio

"Breathing. I work when I can, plan when I can, chill when I can. This is a roller coaster ride, life in uncharted waters. If I can catch myself and breathe when I am in panic/worry/fear mode, that to me is self care. I try not to beat myself up, and then move on. Oh, and yoga, painting, podcasts & knitting have been my busy work. It’s a bumpy road."


Grechen Reiter


"Honestly I’m still trying to sort out who my “self” is after having a baby (about Nine months ago), and I also don’t get a lot of alone time, but I do try to at least shower every day haha. wearing things I love by designers I care about and that fit my postpartum body is probably the most meaningful thing though; I can be a little of who I was before while dressing for the life and beautiful son I have now."


Beatrice Valenzuela

“I love finding a little patch of sunshine and sitting under it with my eyes shut while I soak up all the rays.”


Ace & Jig
"Frequent glasses of wine!"


Ace & Jig

"BASICALLY THE OPPOSITE! I’m all about trying to boost my compromised immune system during this time — no booze, no caffeine, lots of hydration, and vitamins. I've been trying everything I can for stress and anxiety management with not a lot of success yet!"


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