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From Tina: Welcome to Covet + Lou

My journey to this point has not been one of ease or convention. For nearly a decade, I co-owned a shop on Boston’s Newbury Street called Stel’s. We were the little engine that could dealing with a hindrance of a location, tight budgets (ain’t no shame in dumpster diving for store fixtures, or so we told ourselves), and an audience that was initially skeptical of the indie, unknown designer relationships we fought so hard to cultivate. But we kept soldiering on, spreading the good news of fashion, and ultimately growing the most loyal client base imaginable not only in Boston but around the country.

After having twins, my life changed drastically. Another of us was itching to move to a new city. The time felt right for everyone to move on and begin the next chapters in our lives. Being the impulsive and highly driven person that I am, I jumped right into new projects. But I didn’t get the same feeling of satisfaction that I did back when I was executing my own creative vision. So nearly one year post-Stel’s, Covet + Lou began to take shape.

(Lou is my mom, and she is both my greatest inspiration and my number one fan.)

This site is a very personal reflection of my own style and, really, who I am. In a way that’s terrifying because I am exposing a very intimate side of myself. But I think—I hope—many of you will appreciate the aesthetic and reinterpret, reconfigure, and rework it to fit your own lives and loves. As always, I’m championing independent designers because I believe they are full of promise and innovation (and I like their stuff). At the same time, I honor the past by featuring vintage treasures I have collected from around the country. My hope is that you’ll enter the shop, have a look, and maybe find something that adds a little inspiration to your life.

I truly appreciate your visit as I set off on this new adventure. Welcome to Covet + Lou.