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The Rambler— On the buy: Boozy late nights and trade show hell

The Rambler— On the buy: Boozy late nights and trade show hell

A few times a year I travel to New York City. Sometimes Dave and the girls tag along so they can take their bite out of the Big Apple. But typcally I'm running solo. The visits are quick hits, in which I cram too much into too little. I'm always exhilarated to see the city skyline from my Amtrak window seat. But I am just as relieved to see it behind me when I depart so I can begin my detox from the long days, copious amounts of wine, and fashion overload.

Here's a recap of this past week's adventure:

Covet and Lou— The Rambler: On the Buy— Tradeshow

My first stops were two trade shows, WOMAN Show and Capsule. These conventions are a necessary evil because of the convenience they provide to both buyers and vendors alike. But for someone like me who is meticulous in her curation, this method of buying is exhausting. After walking rows and rows of merchandise, everything ends up looking the same and nothing feels unique.

Scouting new lines is the most exciting part of my job because it represents the possibility of introducing wonderful brands to the Covet + Lou community. Three standouts I had the pleasure of seeing at showroom appointments are Jane Mayle, KKIBO and No. 6.

Covet and Lou— The Rambler: On the Buy— Jane Mayle

Jane Mayle has resurrected her career 7 years after she shuttered her eponymous line. She's back with a solid line up of feminine pieces that stay true to her classic silhouettes. I have been a fan girl for years and am thrilled she'll be represented on the site.

Covet and Lou— The Rambler: On the Buy— KKIBO

KKIBO is a capsule collection of knitwear, accessories and home goods. Jo Abellera pays homage to artisanship with her contemporary, sustainable designs. I fell in love with her sweet fringed children's cardigans, and melange pompon beanies for both women and kids.

Karin Bereson of No. 6 is the godmother of clog chic. It's been over a decade since she introduced her much hipper version of this familiar shoe, which has now become a staple for the fashion set. She also designs a beautiful line of clothing which is is casually cool and impossibly easy to wear.

Covet and Lou— The Rambler: On the Buy— No. 6
Covet and Lou— The Rambler: On the Buy— Tina + John

I'm so fortunate that some of my besties (lovingly referred to as my gays) live in NYC. So whenever I'm in town, I get to catch up with friends, usually over good food and wine. Over my 3 day jaunt, I dined on roasted chicken and wilted black kale at Via Carota, enjoyed a trout sandwich on brioche at Joseph Leonard, and got my Miller High Life fix at Kettle of Fish.

Covet and Lou— The Rambler: Kettle of Fish

Kettle of Fish is particularly significant because it is a divey sports bar that pays homage to all things Wisconsin. And with that I say, GO PACK!