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Our Favorite Things: Palm Springs Modernism Week

I was raised on a steady diet of furniture, art, and home accessories from the mid-century modern design era. My parents are still fanatical about Saarinen, Eames, and Bertoia, and their influence shows whenever I spot a mid-century modern piece at a thrift shop or estate sale. So for a born junkie like myself, Palm Springs’ Modernism Week is the event of the year. Launched in 2001 as a vintage furniture show, Modernism Week has grown to be the one of the largest and most important events showcasing mid-century modern design. Each February, tens of thousands of visitors descend on Palm Springs to gawk at architectural marvels, shop for rare home furnishings, and celebrate everything and anything from this pivotal genre.

This year, Modernism Week runs from February 13th to February 23. I’ve never been, but I hope to one day. Until then, I'll have to continue to get my fix during visits to Mom and Dad, and my own scouting for the shop!


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