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Vintage Spotlight: Christian Dior

Christian Dior will always hold a special place in my sartorial heart. When I was but an infant, I got my first taste of high-end designer clothing when my father came home with a Christian Dior layette set. My mother was incensed; how could he have spent such an obscene amount on something that had the shelf life of a matter of weeks? But Dad only wanted the absolute best for his baby girl. Which means, of course, that ultimately my father is to blame for my unwavering passion for the fashion industry, not to mention my pricey handbag addiction.

When I came across this Christian Dior skirt set in a Cape Cod thrift shop, my heart went aflutter. While I would date this back to the ‘80s—which would have put Marc Bohan at the helm of the house of Dior—the outfit is still fresh nearly 30 years later. What I like about it: Everything, really, but the quirky color combination, abstract yet chic pattern, and classic silhouette top the list. A lot of attention was placed on the making of this set. Even the removable shoulder pads are steeped in detail: They’re perfectly covered in the same luxurious silk that make up the blouse and skirt. It’s an effortless, and timeless, way to usher in spring. Like you mean it.


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