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The Rambler: Jordana Nicolson

The Rambler: Jordana Nicolson

Jordana Nicholson is one cool chick. Hailing from Canada, she and her husband are now full-fledged residents of Nashville, Tennessee. Her loves include tacos, summertime, and spending more time than she wants to admit babysitting her house plants and back porch garden. Not just a digital content creator and stylist, she is well known for snapping double- tap worthy photos of food, fashion and travel offering her audience a glimpse into her delicious mix of lifestyle and design.  Follow her @jordanaclaudia

Covet and Lou—The Rambler: Jordana Claudia— Nashville, TN

Where are you right now?

At my dining room table in Nashville, TN.

What inspires you?

Being out in nature, a good book, my family, music and photography.

Your idea of happiness?

SUMMER. Being at my favorite beach with my husband, napping on the sand and having no agenda.

Of misery?

Freezing cold winter and being surrounded by bees or mosquitos.

What is your most creative time of day?

Late at night! I wish it were morning. I’m working on it.

What is your greatest extravagance?

The little things are extravagant to me… travel, sitting in the sunshine, buying local produce, wildflowers, love notes from my husband and really good dark chocolate.

Covet and Lou—The Rambler: Jordana Claudia—Hatie Bs, Nashville, TN

What fault in others do you tend to tolerate most?

Being late and canceling plans last minute.

3 things you could not live without?

My husband, sunshine, lip balm.

New York or LA?

New York, please.

When is honesty not the best policy?

Yikes! Tough one.

Fight back or compromise?

I suppose it depends on the situation, but I always try to compromise.

Have you ever been arrested?


Covet and Lou—The Rambler: Jordana Nicolson

If not yourself, who would you be?

Ginger Rogers circa 1940. I really want her dance moves.

If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be?


What do you most dislike about contemporary culture?

Too many distractions.

In your time away from work, what do you do?

Deep clean my house (I actually love doing this), travel, visit family or leisurely cook in my kitchen.


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