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Athé Vanessa Bruno

Throughout her career, Vanessa Bruno has alternated seasonally between two great influences: the folk elegance of her Danish mother, a top model in the ‘70s and confirmed antique-hunter, and the taste for adventure of her self-taught fashion designer father. She discovered the joys of flea markets and vintage menswear fabrics (herringbone, flannel) early on, using them to offer an alternative to the designers who reigned supreme in the high-glam ‘90s. She is a pioneer in the field of androgyny and post-romantic femininity and remains greatly inspired by music, from the volatile energy of Iggy Pop, Patti Smith, and Janis Joplin to the more enchanted vibes of Cat Power and Feist.

Why we Covet: Vanessa’s Parisian-chic aesthetic is a must for any wardrobe.


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