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From Tina: Why I Shop Vintage

Who doesn’t love bright, shiny, and new? I, for one, can’t get enough. During a recent handbag purchase, I sternly refused the floor model in favor of one that was pristine and untouched by crazed bag fanatics such as myself.

Even so, the warm and fuzzy feeling of acquiring a brand new possession somehow doesn’t compare to the supreme satisfaction of landing the perfect vintage score. Why? Because the ultimate found object represents infinite possibility. I have spent countless hours scouring thrift shops, perusing estate sales, and hunting flea markets to find pieces that meet my stringent design requirements. When I discover it, the wheels in my mind start to spin. Who owned this? What defined their personal style? And, most importantly, how can I reinterpret it and make it mine?

As you may have seen, I have an eclectic style that crosses many genres. I can’t tell you why I’m drawn to certain things; it’s instinctual. For me, the curve of a piece of pottery, the print of a sundress, and the gleam of a ring are all elements that embody the potential of what could be, extend an item's legacy, and brand it a true vintage treasure.

I found this trio of amazing candleholders at an outdoor flea market north of Boston. On a perfect autumn Sunday, my husband and twins obliged me and my penchant for picking. We were nearing the end of our search and I had the feeling that this trip was going to be a bust. At one of the last stalls, I spotted these beauties hanging out on the ground. Immediately, I knew I’d struck gold. The geometric shape perfectly balances the cylindrical base. Each holder has a beautiful, simple stamp on the side, indicating the manufacturing company. The vibe is midcentury-with-a-‘70s-flair. But best of all, when you hold one in your hand, you can feel the weight of solid brass.