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Our Favorite Things: Haven's Kitchen

A jack of all trades, Haven's Kitchen is a cooking school, cafe, and an event venue with a focus on sustainability and seasonal foods. Set in a large carriage house in New York City, it's the kind of place where you feel at home even when you know no one. Covet + Lou recently had the pleasure of setting up shop within the walls of this effervescent space. Founder, Alison Cane, and her wonderful staff welcomed us into the HK family with arms wide open. You can find us at Haven's Kitchen until September 30th. For hours, location and more information be sure to browse their beautiful website and check out their favorite pieces from our shop below.



Alison Cane, Founder and Owner:

"I've been into ceramic lately. The MQuan painted eye ornament is a perfect talisman for the bedroom, warding off unkind and jealous spirits. We also want to incorporate regular tarot card readings into our daily schedule, so this beautiful deck will be perfect.



Nicole Uliano, Retail Production Manager:

"I'm obsessed with the vintage blue pitcher and the chocolate Monohanako oval bowl. Both are gorgeous and great for entertaining during an outside, casual party or an upscale dinner party. "



David Mawhinney, Chef:

"This vintage corkscrew has a nice heft and would be a conversation piece at any party. The pirate shirt would look great on my son - a rogue and swashbuckling little man."



Shell Hamilton, Operations Assistant:

"In recent years, I've realized that it's okay to wear the simple lines and colors that I love. I tried in the past to be a little more colorful but that results in a closet full of items I rarely wear. This year, part of my resolution was to stick to the classic items I'm comfortable with and to step up my accessory game."



Halle Haymen, Events Director:

"Some days, I crave for the magic of throwing a die to inspire my decision making process. These sweet pieces will help me along the way. And, of course, unicorns! Yes, please."



Sonjia Hyon, School Director:

"I've always loved magazines. Growing up I used to steal Highlights from the Dentist office. I try to make it a ritual during the weekends to plop into a chair and immerse myself in reading everything from Vogue to The Art of Eating. Having a collection of well-designed and edited indie magazines, in our pop-up, has been a dream. I'm also digging these Gabriela Artigas earrings."


Shop Now: Haven's Kitchen Staff Pics