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The Covet + Lou Questionnaire: Bridget Brager

What inspires you? Travel, music, and art. Smart girls who work hard, kick butt, and are ladies all the while. And, of course, my family, whom I would go to the ends of the world for.

Your idea of happiness? Spending some cabin time in Montana on Flathead Lake with my husband and our boy, Greyson, with family coming and going. Lots of laughing, old stories, singing, baking... 

Of misery? Being in a room with no windows. Feeling helpless.

What is your most creative time of day? I’m most creative when I'm working. I’m lucky to get to work with other artists and extremely talented people, which can be at any time, day or night. (Life of a freelancer!)

What fault in others do you tend to tolerate most? It depends on the person and my level of care for them or their life experiences. I am not perfect.   

Three things you could not live without? Coffee, hairspray, dessert. (Silly, of course, because what I couldn’t live without are people, not things, but these three things on a daily basis seriously make me happy!)

New York or L.A.? Both N.Y. and L.A. are fantastic places, and so polar opposite. I could be happy in N.Y., and at one point I was, but my heart is in L.A., close to my family.

When is honesty not the best policy? When no one asked for your opinion. People can be overly/intrusively honest: “I’m glad you think my feet are big, but I didn’t ask you!”

Fight back or compromise? Depends on the level of importance. In a perfect world, compromise would be my go-to solution, but sometimes I have to use my muscles. 

Have you ever been arrested? No.

In your time away from work, what do you do? I love a good road trip, Sunday swap meets, hiking/running, being still. 

If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be? Optimistic.

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