The Rambler—Going Home: Wisconsin

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Covet + Lou Introduces: VIP In-Home Shopping

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From Tina: The Visual Thesaurus

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I have an unusually deep respect for the English language. Maybe it has something to do with the countless number of hours I spent in elementary school diagramming sentences or looking up words in the dictionary. I distinctly remember my third grade teacher, Mr. Garrett, reminding us to replace the comparative term “like” with “such as” so that we wouldn’t...

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From Tina: Why I Shop Vintage

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Who doesn’t love bright, shiny, and new? I, for one, can’t get enough. During a recent handbag purchase, I sternly refused the floor model in favor of one that was pristine and untouched by crazed bag fanatics such as myself. Even so, the warm and fuzzy feeling of acquiring a brand new possession somehow doesn’t compare to the supreme satisfaction of...

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From Tina: Welcome to Covet + Lou

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My journey to this point has not been one of ease or convention. For nearly a decade, I co-owned a shop on Boston’s Newbury Street called Stel’s. We were the little engine that could dealing with a hindrance of a location, tight budgets (ain’t no shame in dumpster diving for store fixtures, or so we told ourselves), and an audience...

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