The 8 Ball: Emily L'Ami

Nov 07 2019 Filed in: ApothecaryJaimie FitzgeraldThe 8 Ball

Photograph by Megan Cullen.BODHA: There is something special about Bodha. All of their products are designed with a single purpose in mind- to help you come back to yourself through the power of scent. In this chat with one of the founders, Emily L’Ami, we discuss her recent trip to Japan’s incense island and her recently released Vibration Collection which...

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The 8 Ball: Nadine Artemis

Oct 18 2019 Filed in: ApothecaryBeautyJaimie FitzgeraldThe 8 Ball

NADINE ARTEMIS: From her oils and serums to her herbal shampoo and conditioner, Living Libation's Nadine Artemis has us hooked on plant power. Read on to learn about wise interaction with the sun and Nadine’s tips for beautiful skin. For those who are new to essential oils, can you tell us about what makes yours so special? Living Libations is...

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The 8 Ball: Lauren Willson

Aug 30 2019 Filed in: ApothecaryJulia AustinLauren's All PurposeThe 8 Ball

Photograph by Danielle Alprin @laurensallpurpose LAUREN WILLSON: Lauren's All Purpose Salve is for when you need a tender touch. It's a healing, earthy, and protective multi-purpose salve that can be used all over the body, including face and hair. Meet the lady behind the 9 ingredient salve that we cannot get enough of. What does your morning routine look like? It...

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The 8 Ball: Gloria Noto

Aug 21 2019 Filed in: ApothecaryJulia AustinThe 8 Ball

Photograph by Isabella Behravan. GLORIA NOTO: Noto is Sicilian in origin, meaning noted or notorious. Today we're taking note of changes in the beauty industry, skincare tips, and the admirable morning routine of Gloria Noto, founder of Noto Botanics. Gloria started her namesake line with intimate experience in the beauty industry as a makeup artist. She emphasizes not only looking...

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Meet Apothecary

Aug 15 2019 Filed in: ApothecaryJulia Austin

As summer winds down and tans start to fade, we’re keeping the glow going. Meet Covet + Lou’s Apothecary line up, six women-owned, clean beauty brands: Noto Botanics, Olio E Osso, Lauren’s All Purpose, Na Nin, Lulu Organics, and Living Libations. From left to right: Lulu Organics, Lauren’s All Purpose Salve, Noto Botanics, Living Libations, Na Nin, and Olio E...

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