The 8 Ball: Fabiana Pigna

Sep 13 2022 Filed in: Jaimie FitzgeraldThe 8 Ball

Fabiana Pigna is a Venezuelan fashion designer based in Los Angeles, California. Crafted from the highest quality Japanese and European fabrics, each collection embraces sculptural silhouettes, timeless clean lines, and some unexpected details.

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The 8 Ball: Milena Silvano

Aug 29 2022 Filed in: Jaimie FitzgeraldThe 8 Ball

"The universe had a plan and here I am." Milena behind her eponymous line, Milena Silvano, tells us about 90's Italian trouser suits, what's bringing her joy lately (hint; it has four legs), and about the opportunity & desire to tread lightly within her own operations. Read on for the full feature.

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The 8 Ball: Mary MacGill

Jun 08 2022 Filed in: Jaimie FitzgeraldThe 8 Ball

Floating, suspended stones and pearls on delicate gold wire inspired by the coastline and natural world.  Meet the lady behind a new favorite jewelry line at Covet + Lou.

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The 8 Ball: Alison Carroll of Wonder Valley

Jun 03 2022 Filed in: ApothecaryJaimie FitzgeraldThe 8 Ball

Extra virgin olive oil belongs in your skincare, not only your kitchen. Today we talk with one half of Wonder Valley, Alison Carroll. Alison and her husband Jay decided to start their line of deep orange and yellow golden hued oils after Alison’s time spent at the California Olive Oil Council where she picked up several mentors in the field along the way. The hero ingredient throughout their gorgeous line is their own olive oil.

Alison splits her time between the high & dry Joshua Tree desert and humid sea salt filled Maine. Olive oil is her mainstay of a healthful diet & radiant skin between these two spots. No matter your climate, olive oil is here for you.

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The 8 Ball: Laurie-Anne Braun & Margot Baudequin of Fane

Jun 01 2022 Filed in: Jaimie FitzgeraldThe 8 Ball

We’re delighted to chat with the Founders of Fane, Laurie-Anne Braun and Margot Baudequin. Fane is, in their own words: timeless, minimal, and sustainable. The line was born out of frustration when both couldn’t find a bag that they loved. Something was always in the way; a big logo, a visible zipper, a look too trendy, not practical to carry, etc. The two creators sought to create a line of their own with beautiful shapes and colors (maybe lack-there-of actually, with colors like Nuit and Page). We see each Fane bag moving from generation to generation. Made in a small but well equipped atelier in France, they’re the kind of bags that will last forever.

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Skincare with LESSE Founder Neada Deters

May 09 2022 Filed in: ApothecaryJaimie FitzgeraldThe 8 Ball

Skin health and more from Neada Deters, Founder of LESSE, a small and effective line of skincare essentials.

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The 8 Ball: Julie and Marie Skall of Skall Studio

Mar 04 2022 Filed in: Jaimie FitzgeraldSkall StudioThe 8 Ball

Through glimpses of their Copenhagen life- a Danish wool sweater folded gently in the sun, a kitchen scene with citrus and tea, muses decked out in organic cotton and linen- we’ve become admirers of Julie and Marie Skall, the sisters behind Skall Studio.

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The 8 Ball: Sean Gerstley

Feb 18 2022 Filed in: Jaimie FitzgeraldThe 8 Ball

Self-proclaimed ‘clay head’ Sean Gerstley is a RISD alum now based in Philadelphia. We love that Gerstley’s ceramics are both utilitarian and fun in shape and color. Have you seen his fruit bowls?

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The 8 Ball: Wakana Hase of palmehuset

Dec 08 2021 Filed in: Jaimie FitzgeraldThe 8 Ball

After quitting their jobs at a printing company, Wakana Hase and Hisanori Takai traveled to Copenhagen to discover a glass greenhouse known as the Palmehuset in Danish. The greenhouse is about 150 years old and served as inspiration for the two to start their business, palmehuset.

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The 8 Ball: Nikki Bostwick of The Fullest

Oct 29 2021 Filed in: ApothecaryThe 8 Ball

Discover the power of saffron with us. Nikki Bostwick is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Fullest. The Fullest encompasses a daily digital platform, a podcast and a botanical product line we are happy to have at Covet + Lou. Nikki has always been passionate about providing wellness content that offers a perspective outside the mainstream narrative — one that is holistic, diverse, and inclusive. She is also a mom of two, nestled in Newport Beach with her high school sweetheart and their Siberian Husky. Read on to learn more about saffron and the woman behind this mood-boosting and holistically sourced line we cannot get enough of.

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