Mina Stone's Cacio e Pepe-Inspired Kale Salad

Sep 22 2021 Filed in: Mina StonePantryRecipes

Mina Stone shares her version of a decadent pasta, in salad form. It has the flavor components of a cacio e pepe, set against the backdrop of a hearty forest of green kale. The kale stands up to the challenge, pro- viding a healthy vehicle for the tangy salty cheese, crunchy hazelnuts, and spicy black pepper.

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Iced Leaves of Grass by Leaves and Flowers

Jun 17 2021 Filed in: Leaves and FlowersPantryRecipes

An iced tea from Leaves and Flowers to sip on this Summer using their Botanical Infusion, Leaves of Grass.

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Wooden Spoon Herbs Sparkling Apple Spritz

Apr 20 2021 Filed in: RecipesWooden Spoon Herbs

Happy Spring! While the April blossoms are at their peak, we wanted to create something tart, sweet, and a little spicy to get us prepared for the changing of the seasons. A drink that will lift your spirits and support your digestion as the weather begins to warm. Enter the Sparkling Apple Spritz, starring Wooden Spoon Herbs Fire Cider, Rose-Colored Glasses and Mushroom Magic tinctures. This tonic is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up, and an ideal companion for a midday stroll as you take in the local flora, enlivened by the promise of sunny days ahead.

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At Home: Meredith Baird of Nucifera

Apr 15 2021 Filed in: At HomeJaimie FitzgeraldRecipes

At Home is about self-care. We're asking some of our favorite people what's keeping them well.

Meredith Baird is the Founder and CEO of Nucifera. She inspires us to beauty simply.

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Raina Lee Maple Matcha Latte

Nov 09 2020 Filed in: PantryRaina LeeRecipes

Raina Lee shares her recipe for a Maple Matcha Latte. The perfect cold weather drink to enjoy from her tea bowls.

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Raina Lee Turmeric Ginger Golden Latte

May 22 2020 Filed in: PantryRaina LeeRecipes

A Turmeric Ginger Golden Latte, adapted by Raina Lee from Botanica Restaurant.

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Potli Honey Relaxing Bedtime Elixir

May 06 2020 Filed in: PantryPotliRecipes

Unwind and restore with this calming bedtime tea. Promotes muscle relaxation and hormone regulation to help you fall and stay asleep. A relaxing bedtime elixir made with Potli's Premium Hemp-infused Raw Honey.

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Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Cake, Simple Fare — Spring Summer

Apr 25 2020 Filed in: ILĀPantryRecipes

ILĀ founder Karen Mordechai shares her Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Cake. This beautiful and simple chocolate cake embodies a balance of sweet and savory. We love using a rich extra-virgin olive oil and a great-quality chocolate for the utmost flavor. Top this cake with any wild or seasonal fruit, petals, and crème of your choice to make it perfect for a party or festive celebration.

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