The 8 Ball: Laura Xiao

Jan 26 2020 Filed in: BeautyThe 8 Ball

Laura Xiao glows. We started the new year by talking with the Henné Organics CEO & Founder about the skincare items she swears by, the one Henné item everyone should have in their routine, and the inspiration behind her latest release, a luxury hand cream.

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The 8 Ball: Nadine Artemis

Oct 18 2019 Filed in: ApothecaryBeautyJaimie FitzgeraldThe 8 Ball

From her oils and serums to her herbal shampoo and conditioner, Living Libation's Nadine Artemis has us hooked on plant power. Read on to learn about wise interaction with the sun and Nadine’s tips for beautiful skin.

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The 8 Ball: Gloria Noto

Aug 21 2019 Filed in: ApothecaryBeautyJulia AustinThe 8 Ball

Noto is Sicilian in origin, meaning noted or notorious. Today we're taking note of changes in the beauty industry, skincare tips, and the admirable morning routine of Gloria Noto, founder of Noto Botanics. Gloria started her namesake line with intimate experience in the beauty industry as a makeup artist. She emphasizes not only looking good, but feeling good. Void of any chemicals or fillers, Noto is multi-use, organic, gender fluid, natural, and minimal.

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Oil and Water

Mar 25 2018 Filed in: BeautyIn StoreJeannie Vincent

Oil and water. We know that they don’t mix, but did you know they are your skin’s two main constituents? It may have crossed your mind before, perhaps if your skin has ever felt like an oil slick in the middle of the day, or if you can’t help but noticing your face is feeling dehydrated. When your skin is...

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